Relax Gringo, It's All Good Try Our Hot Sauce, Unless You Don't Have the Maracas Mexican Sol Food
God of Fire The Story of Hablo Taco

Two Dudes Walk Into a Bar ...

On a blazing hot summer day in the heart of Mexico, two dudes walk into a bar in search of something to cool off. The bartender poured them a shot of his finest tequila. One led to two, to three and to...a lot. But then, almost like magic, the God of Fire appeared. He bestowed a genius idea upon them and like a bolt of lightning, Hablo Taco was born.

Hablo Taco is as authentically inauthentic as it gets. The guys running the place can’t speak Spanish, but they sure can deliver a mouthwatering Mexican menu that will shake up your maracas. Gather your amigos and enjoy bold flavors, plus premium margaritas and ice cold cervezas. Oh, just don’t drink the water. The tequila is much better.

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Channelside Bay Plaza
615 Channelside Dr. Suite #127
Tampa, FL 33602


Open daily at 11:30 a.m.

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Our food is better
than our Spanish.

Check out our menu below. We’re always adding fresh recipes so it might not be the whole enchilada. Come in and taste what’s new.

Hablo Taco Menu


Dont Drink
The Water.

The Tequila is Much Better

Especially in our famous margaritas.
We’ll shake it up just the way you like it.

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